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Macmat Steel Reinforced Geomat
1.With more mechanical characteristics than single or common mactmat
2.Having greater protection after combined with geo mat.
3.Increasing the resistance of the soil erosion to help plant to growth
4.Having more strength tensile for big wind or water flowing
5.Protect the earth or soil from the erosion of rain and wind
6.Protect the surface of the soil and keep plant growing
7.Protect the soil or earth erosion of water flow
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Rockfall Protection Netting
1.Long service time up to many years
2.Stable quality and good performance.
3.Reduce sediment concentration and keep soil surface stable
4.Good performance in strength tensile
5.Easy to install and transport
6.The rock fall protection nettings are used to prevent small size boulders or rocks from falling in road ways, the mine, the water and electricity project, the tourist site, the river course and in the municipal engeering.
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Spider Spiral Rope Mesh
1.High tensile strength. The spider spiral is made of high tensile spring wires.
2.Rigid and solid. The high quality material and accessories make the spider spiral mesh rigid and solid to bear the collapsing force.
3.Corrosion resistance. Good zinc coating surface treatment make the spider spiral mesh has outstanding chemical stability.
4.Durable and long service life.
5.The spider spiral rope mesh is widely used in the slope stabilization in high and steep rock, boulder stones and dangerous rock mass slope stabilization.
6.It is widely used in the slope protection, mountain protection, vegetation protection and road protection. It can reduce the damage caused by the natural disaster.
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Tecco Mesh
1.High safety and tensile strength
2.Rhomboid mesh structure for stability
3.Corrosion and rust resistance
4.Environmental friendly for plant growth
5.Easy to install and transport
6.Durable and long service life
7.The TECCO system consists of four main components include high steel wire mesh, spike plate, steel anchor and sewing rope that are carefully coordinated with each other.
8.Soil, strongly weathered slope reinforcement, river bank erosion control, soil and water loss control, Slope greening, etc.
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